Robert Kraft, Stephen Ross Have Optimistic Outlook on 2020 Season Being Played

Though the owners are optimistic, there is still a lot to hash out before the training camp begins.

There are two AFC East owners that have recently shared their thoughts on an NFL season taking place this fall, both giving optimistic takes on the season happening. 

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft went on Fox News Tuesday evening and had this to say about the 2020 season.

“Well, we’re very much preparing to hopefully play football this fall,” Kraft said. “We’re working hand-in-hand with our union. We believe we’re developing protocols that allow us to do it in a safe way looking out first for our players, our personnel and then, of course, the fans. I believe we can do it.”

Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross was interviewed on CNBC Tuesday morning, and Ross sent a message that was must-see TV for fans starving for encouragement that the NFL will have a full season in 2020.

"I think there definitely will be a football season this year," Ross said on Squawk Box. "Real question is, will there be fans in the stadium? Right now - today - we're planning to have fans in the stadium."

While there is hope by Ross and Kraft that a season will be played this year, the NFL has a plan in place in the event that the season has to be delayed and/or cut short. 

On May 7, NFL media insider Ian Rapoport reported about potential contingencies are built into the league schedule, which included divisional games not being played in Weeks 3 and 4 of the regular season, so if need be, those weeks could be eliminated if a delayed start to the season was necessary. "They also could take the first four weeks of the season, move them to the back end and extend just a little bit longer, have the Super Bowl potentially in late February," Rapoport said. 

One of the first hints at when the season will be played is when teams can begin scheduling minicamps. There was a report that surfaced on Tuesday that said teams could potentially schedule minicamps for mid-to-late June barring state regulations, but the NFL and NFLPA quickly shot down those reports, saying that the offseason programs are set to end on June 26, but the union has not agreed to any reopening plan, which would include holding minicamps. 

At this point, it's a wait-and-see approach for those not involved in the discussions between the league and NFLPA.