Which Prospects Have Patriots Met With at NFL Combine?

Devon Clements

One of the marquee opportunities that the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis provides for all NFL teams is a chance to sit down and interview any prospect that was invited to attend the event. This allows coaches, GMs, scouts, etc, to get inside the minds of those young athletes and project how their mentality will impact their performance in the NFL. 

Each NFL team is awarded 45 sit-down meetings with any prospect they choose at the combine. There is also the opportunity for an informal meeting, which is typically a position coach, un-timed, and doesn't count towards their 45 meetings limit. 

Here is a list, which will be updated as the week progresses, of the players at the NFL Combine that the Patriots have had formal/informal meetings with between the end of last season and through this week. Hyperlinked to each player is the reporter who reported the info:


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