Report: NFL 'Getting Closer' to Wrapping up Patriots' Videotaping Investigation

Devon Clements

Another week goes on and we still have yet not heard from the NFL in regards to the New England Patriots' videotaping incident. 

The league opened an investigation on New England in mid-December following the Bengals' formal complaint about the Patriots allegedly videotaping their sideline during an early-December game against the Browns. Last month, commissioner Roger Goodell couldn't provide an update on where the investigation stood in its process. Well, we now have an update. Kind of. 

The Boston Globe's Ben Volin reported Wednesday morning that the NFL is "getting closer" to wrapping up its investigation on the Patriots' videotaping incident. 

"Last week, NFL Security completed what was believed to be the final interview with a Patriots employee. Now the security officials must write up their report, then hand it up the chain of command, where it will eventually land on the desk of commissioner Roger Goodell, who will approve of a final course of action," Volin wrote. 

It would be helpful for New England to know as soon as possible what their punishment will be, as it could involve the loss of a draft pick. If that's the case, then the Patriots will have to re-draw their current draft plans under the circumstances of 11 draft picks instead of 12. While the six-time Super Bowl champions will still have plenty of draft capital to work with come April, it nevertheless hurts to have one less chance of drafting a talented player. 

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

Hoping they don't strip draft picks

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