Report: Patriots Interested in Free Agent QB Andy Dalton

The Jaguars are the other team interested in the veteran quarterback.

Just a couple hours after quarterback Andy Dalton was released by the Cincinnati Bengals, a report surfaced linking the New England Patriots to the veteran QB.

The Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars are reportedly interested in Dalton, according to Tyler Dragon of the Enquirer. 

There's no doubt Dalton is talented. Despite playing for an abysmal organization like Cincinnati for the better part of a decade, he was able to throw for 204 touchdowns compared to 118 interceptions, 31,594 yards, and has shown time after time that he can be a good NFL quarterback when put in the proper situation. Unfortunately, the proper situation didn't come too often in Cincinnati, and now a regime change at head coach has the Bengals changing plans at quarterback in 2020.

For the Patriots, they seemingly have their eyes pegged on 2019 fourth-round pick Jarrett Stidham being their starting quarterback next season. If that fails, then they have a security net - i.e. Brian Hoyer - who has plenty of experience in New England's system, but doesn't bring a very high ceiling of play along with that experience.

While bringing in another talented veteran like Dalton would make sense for the Patriots if they wanted to spark a quarterback competition this summer in New England, there's been nothing done up until this point of the offseason that suggests that's what they would like to do. I went more in depth on this discussion in an article posted on PatriotMaven Thursday morning. Click here to view that post.