NFL Rumors: Cam Newton Talked With Patriots Early in Free Agency

Devon Clements

One of the best free-agent quarterbacks still on the market is Cam Newton. It's crazy to think that he still hasn't signed with a team yet given his supreme talent as a dual-threat player, but the unfortunate events that have transpired because of the pandemic are likely the reason teams have been hesitant to sign someone like Newton, who has been plagued with injuries recently. 

A team that has consistently been considered a good landing spot for Newton is the New England Patriots, who have a quarterback competition on their hands now that Tom Brady is no long with the team. And according to a report over the weekend, New England did talk to the former MVP earlier this offseason. 

League sources believe Newton and the New England Patriots talked early during his free agency but nothing materialized," wrote ESPN's Jeremy Fowler on Saturday. 

After giving veteran safety Patrick Chung a two-year extension a couple weeks back, and then in turn signing safety Kyle Dugger, who was the final draft pick they had left to sign from this year's class, the Patriots have now have just over $650,000 in available cap space to spend, according to Boston Sports Journal's Miguel Benzan. They've been in a tight cap situation all offseason, which is why they weren't able to sign any high-profile talent during free agency and instead turned their attention to the draft to acquire talent. 

Even if Newton wanted to sign with New England at a relatively cheap price, it may still not be enough for the Patriots to bring him on board. The Patriots would have to give him a multi-year contract and backload it, which is likely something Newton wouldn't want to do, because the contract would likely include void years and very little upfront money, which would likely prevent the deal from happening. 

Those it is not confirmed, one has to think the talks between Newton and the Patriots early in free agency were about his health status as he enters his 10th NFL season at 31 years of age. 

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Sarah Jacobs
Sarah Jacobs

I've been seeing some reports that the conversations were mostly one sided on behalf of Cam's people doing their due diligence, but with all of his injuries I can't see that the team would've pursued him aggressively anyways.

Devon Clements
Devon Clements


Anyone that was an MVP is a supreme talent. The only difference between now and then is his injuries, which I mentioned. But that doesn’t take away from his talent.

Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell

I also understand why Newton is connected to the Patriots but I think those that agree with the narrative are missing a few important aspects of what Newton brings to the table as a potential signing. Newton will not sign as a backup, like Jameis Winston for example. So, if you bring him in and have to pay him something approaching starter money - something the Patriots can't afford unless they make a full commitment to Newton - you are stating by the signing itself that he is the starter in 2020. Based on my research and analysis - which I wrote up here - - the Patriots want to move forward with Stidham. If you disagree with my premise that signing Newton means committing to Newton then I also disagree that that makes sense for New England. Bring in Newton to compete with Stidham? How does Stidham win that competition? He won't with the fans and how would the coaching staff see enough Newton to base a decision based on new information? It would have to be Newtons career and last known tape compared to what McDaniels and Belichick have seen from Stidham since drafting him. And, if that's the case, do they need to sign Newton? Can't they make that call already? I suspect they did make that call and it was Stidham, since the haven't signed Newton or brought him in.

Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell

I agree with most of the article but not to the degrees the case is made. I don't think Newton is a "supreme" talent. He is still an above-average athlete at the QB position but he can't run like he once did and he never was a special thrower. That's part of why I agree with the premise that the pandemic and his physical condition is hampering his ability to sign somewhere. He is still good enough to be a starting quarterback in the league and if he could try out and take a physical for teams I bet someone would have signed him by now.


Cam got treated real dirty by The Carolina Panthers! It’s so sad they did one of the dedicated and dynamic quarterbacks in the NFL!
Cam is a real good man!

He needs to be paid right, too! Why stripped him down like this, when other quarterbacks who don’t have his record get paid a lot more!

Many other quarterbacks have gotten hurt, too, and their team didn’t toss them out like it was done to Cam !

If the Patriots want Cam, or hire Cam, they need to pay him!

They can find the money to pay him right! He don’t need to just sign up, put his body on the line, and expected to be paid with nothing!

Many players are making almost as much as CAM, and they wasn’t even playing no quarterback position!
Cam is a very good person. All you hear mostly is about his wardrobe , being a celebrity, his person life, etc.

You hardly hear about all the hours he’s given serving more than one community, serving and training the youth, feeding the hungry and homeless, etc.
It’s time for more fans to speak up and speak out in a positive way for Cam Newton.

If the Patriots eventually sign him,
they need to pay him right! Otherwise, he doesn’t need to sign
there, just for the name! He is already great! The Patriots are great!
So, keep being great, then, and pay him real, real good, too, if you sign him later this year!

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