Stephon Gilmore Ends Seven-Year Drought at Pro Bowl for Patriots

Max McAuliffe

Over the last couple of years, the New England Patriots have been mostly absent from the Pro Bowl. When a team makes it to the Super Bowl as frequently as the Patriots, the team's Pro Bowl attendance numbers will be low by default. However, their numbers at the game have been extremely low, almost to a point beyond belief. So low, that you can count with one hand how many Patriots players have actually played in the Pro Bowl since 2013. 

The Patriots have had only four players play in the Pro Bowl since 2013, but only one offensive or defensive player has been named to the Pro Bowl roster and actually played during that time span. 

Here are all the starters New England has had play in the Pro Bowl over the past seven years:

2013 Pro Bowl:

ILB Jerod Mayo

ST Matthew Slater

2014 Pro Bowl:

ST Matthew Slater 

K Stephen Gostkowski 

With the season ending short in New England this year, two more guys will be added to that list:

2020 Pro Bowl:

CB Stephon Gilmore

ST Matthew Slater

With Gilmore starting in the Pro Bowl today, he will officially fill the vacancy left by Mayo, who as of this last season is one of Gilmore's coaches, and was the last offensive or defensive starter for New England to play in the Pro Bowl. For the first time in seven years, Patriots fans will be able to enjoy watching an offensive or defensive player from their team participate in a game that celebrate's the league's best talents.  

All eyes will certainly be on Gilmore, as not only will he be ending the Patriots' drought, he will also likely be facing Saints wide receiver, Michael Thomas today. Both of those players at points during this season were in the MVP conversation. That makes their matchup in the Pro Bowl must-watch TV. 

Enjoy the Pro Bowl today at 3 p.m. ET and make sure to watch Gilmore and Slater. It's a rarity to see some of New England's best players play in Pro Bowl, and it should continue to be that way as long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick stay intact in New England.