NFL Rumors: Raiders Willing to Shop QB Derek Carr

Should the Raiders choose to trade Carr, the Patriots could be a potential landing spot

This offseason should prove to be quite dramatic as far as quarterbacks are concerned. The bar was set when veteran Matthew Stafford was traded to the LA Rams in exchange for Jared Goff, two first round picks as well as a third-rounder. This trade begs the question: What will it take to land Deshaun Watson? 

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According Vincent Bonsignore from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Raiders will be listening to offers for quarterback Derek Carr in an effort to potentially acquire Watson for draft picks. 

This plan will more than likely involve another team who is interested in trading at least two first round draft picks for Carr. The Raiders would add that to their own first round picks in 2021 and 2022 for Watson. 

“It could get to two first-round picks,” one NFL insider said of the return the Raiders could receive for Carr. “He’s not [Matthew] Stafford, but he’s younger and he has a fair contract, so I could see two number ones.”

If reports are to be believed, Cam Newton will not be returning as a Patriot next season, which means that New England is once again in the market for a quarterback. 

Carr has proved himself as a reliable quarterback capable of leading an offense and at a much lower price point than other stars like Watson. Should the stars align, Derek Carr could prove to be a good alternative to Watson, who might be too costly for the Patriots to pursue. But if Carr goes at the price that Bonsignore reported, then that is a very steep price to expect the Patriots to pay. 

This is all conditional on if the Raiders even want to trade Carr at all, however. They could keep Carr, who has been steadily improving, and use their draft picks to improve their defense.