Tom Brady Poked Fun at Julian Edelman on Instagram for His Weekend Antics

Sarah Weisberg

This past weekend, New Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was arrested in Beverly Hills, CA, and cited for misdemeanor vandalism. The 33-year-old former Super Bowl MVP jumped on the hood of a vehicle and did damage to the car. He was arrested, cited, and released. 

Quarterback Tom Brady and his standout wide receiver have a solid on-field relationship, and away from the gridiron the bond is just as strong. Often referred to as best friends and even brothers, Brady had some fun at Edelman's expense on his Instagram story.

Brady posted a picture of TB12 electrolytes on his story captioning it “@edelman11 it sounds like you need some of this,” presumably suggesting some rehydration is in order. Brady’s story went on to show more of the TB12 products, like focus vitamins, vitamin D, and a host of other products the athlete promotes.

Electrolytes will probably help Edelman’s recovery, but a healthy dose of humor doesn’t hurt either.

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

Protect Tom Brady at all cost

Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

Edelman needs to clean up his act. Maybe TB12 will do the trick.