Jimmy Garoppolo Says He Got Good-Luck Text From Tom Brady Ahead of SBLIV

Devon Clements

Monday night presented an opportunity for media members form across the country to speak with players and coaches that will be participating in Super Bowl LIV this Sunday in Miami. One player that naturally drew the attention of many is San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo, who is trying to make his own legacy on the West Coast after being in the shadow of New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady at the beginning of his NFL career. 

While San Francisco's starting QB has been very vocal about what he learned from Brady during his time in New England, which has and will continue to help him as he tries to help his team win a championship this season, what hasn't been known is if Brady has been in contact with Garoppolo as of late. Thanks to SBLIV media night, we now have an answer. 

When speaking with NFL Network's Michael Irvin, Garoppolo was asked if Brady has reached out to Garoppolo ahead of his matchup against the Chiefs. 

"Yeah he shot me a text, just good luck and everything like that," Garoppolo said. "And you know just 'go handle business,' you know, wasn't anything too complicated, just 'go win.'"

To get a text from Brady, regardless of how much time they've spent together in the past, has to mean a lot to Garoppolo. It's also telling of how supportive the 42-year-old QB is despite no longer being in the playoffs, which is something he hasn't dealt with at this point in the season in four years. 

You can bet that Brady and the Patriots will be rooting for Garoppolo when Super Bowl LIV kicks off this Sunday, as they would likely love nothing more than to see Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City get beat by a former Patriot. The same feeling should be replicated by fans of New England. 

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

Good to see that relationship still exists.