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Report: Tom Brady Will 'Absolutely' Play in 2020

Tom Brady's time in the NFL could extend past the 2019 season, whether or not he loses on wild-card weekend.

Whether or not you like hearing it, the narrative has surfaced this week about the potential of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady not only playing his final snaps as a Patriot, but in the NFL on wild card weekend when New England takes on the Tennessee Titans. 

As a free agent in 2020, there has been speculation whether the 42-year-old would return to the Patriots next season, play for another team, or call it a career. 

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported during the pregame show Saturday night that Brady not playing in 2020 is off the table. 

"(Tom) Brady absolutely, positively will play football in 2020, I'm told. The only question is where. It remains to be seen if New England is still the best fit for him, and vice versa after nearly 20 years there," he said. "If Brady does move on, the LA Chargers hold a unique appeal as I reported earlier this season."

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While Saturday's game vs. Tennessee could still be Brady's last in New England, this report suggests that it won't be the last time we see him play football. That, of course, is still to be decided. Brady has said all along he wants to play until he's 45 years old, but his late-season struggles fed the narrative that he could be ready to retire.

The result of the game against the Titans could determine Brady's future with the Patriots, however. Due to lots of turnover anticipated to take place between the coaching staff and roster, New England heads into the offseason with a lot of questions, which could deter free agents from joining the team, especially if Brady has not made an official decision early in the free-agency window. 

It remains to be seen , of course, what exactly will transpire within the organization at all levels after the 2019 season, including with the best quarterback in NFL history.