Report: Antonio Brown Granted Bail, Could Face Potential Life Felony

Devon Clements

Antonio Brown was granted bail from the Broward County Jail on Friday morning following a bond hearing that took place at the Broward County Courthouse, according to ESPN's Cameron Wolfe. The bail, which includes a $100,000 bond, with the total bond for the three charges on him being $110,000, requires that Brown also get GPS monitoring, release his passport and guns, go through drug and alcohol testing and a mental health evaluation. 

Brown's attorney told Wolfe that they believed Brown was "overcharged" and they think the charges will be very different when they appear in court again. 

The former All-Pro receiver is potentially facing a life felony on the burglary with battery charge. 

Brown, age-31, could be in serious trouble. If the charges on him stand in court, he could face up to life in prison. 

The charges on Brown were caused by a physical altercation between Brown, his trainer, Glenn Holt, and a moving company truck driver after Brown refused to pay a $4,000 fee to the moving company for their services. Court documents obtained by TMZ state that the moving company was hired by Brown to move his belongings from his home in California to his residence in Florida. Brown allegedly threw a rock at the company's truck, denting and doing paint damage to the vehicle, and also physically assaulted the driver of the car. After the truck driver left Brown's house in Hollywood, FL, he returned later once Brown had paid the moving company's fee.

However, when the driver returned and Brown still refused to pay for the damage done to the truck, another physical altercation ensued, which left the driver injured, the items in the back of the truck damage, and Brown's trainer, Holt, being arrested for a felony burglary with battery charge. Brown then had an arrest warrant issued for him once he refused to communicate with police, who wanted to speak with him about the incident.

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

What a crazy story. Another case of watsed talent.