Cam Newton Moves To 2nd All-Time in QB Rushing Yards

Sam Minton

So far, Cam Newton has had a successful and historic start to his New England Patriots career. He reached another milestone in Week 3.

Against the Raiders on Sunday, Newton passed Randall Cunningham for the 2nd-most rushing yards by a quarterback in NFL history. Cunningham finished his career with 4,928 rushing yards. Newton now has 4,930 after a two-yard rush in the first quarter against Las Vegas. 

Newton is known for his ability to get yards on the ground. He is a true dual-threat quarterback with his ability to both run and throw the ball at a high level. In the first two weeks of the season, Newton has shown this. In Week 1 he dominated the ground, while in Week 2 he showed off his throwing ability. 

Next up for Newton is a big challenge. Michael Vick is currently the all-time leader in quarterback rushing yards with over 6,000. That's quite the mountain to climb.

But Newton deserves to celebrate. This shows just how talented he is and that he is well on his way to getting his gold jacket. 

Newton forever has changed the quarterback position and has already made a big impact in New England.

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Comments (2)
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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

It's probably unlikely he passes Vick. However, one never knows.

Sarah Jacobs
Sarah Jacobs

Hoping to see some more records from Cam in a Patriots uniform.