WATCH: Julian Edelman Encourages Comeback Mentality in Video About COVID-19

Devon Clements

Now that Tom Brady is gone, one New England Patriots player that many fans will shift their fandom towards and seek reassurance from is Julian Edelman. As a veteran receiver that has played in New England since 2009, Edelman has left his heart and soul on the field for the past decade, fighting through injuries and playing at an elite level when the team needed him the most. That has earned him a spot as one of Boston's most well-respected athletes. 

Edelman did his part in motivating his fans by posting a video on social media to reassure everyone that the pandemic we are facing as a country will not defeat us, and that Boston should continue to embrace the comeback mentality that has helped the Patriots and other Massachusetts-based teams win at the highest level in their respective sports. 

"...Boston is a city built on comebacks, and we are going to back from this," he said. 

Check out Edelman's full 2-minute video that he posted on social media Wednesday afternoon: 

According to the Massachusetts Department of Health, as of Tuesday, April 7, over 15,000 people in MA have tested positive for COVID-19, which is likely because of the high volume of people compacted into such a small state. This has forced non-essential businesses to close down, restaurants to be limited to takeout, and many people to be afraid of just stepping outside the confines of their own homes. 

While the uncertainty of what's to come over the next few months leaves many afraid of what their future holds, hopefully Edelman's post will cause at least some of them to rest easy at night. 

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