Julian Edelman On Retirement: 'We're Not There Yet'

Edelman will be 35 when the 2021 regular season begins

At 34 years old and dealing with multiple injuries over the last couple years, it is completely in the realm of possibility that New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman could retire this offseason. Or maybe it isn't? 

While on the latest episode of the Pardon My Take podcast, Edelman was immediately confronted with the opportunity to dispel the rumors of him possibly retiring. Here's how the exchange went, as transcribed by SB Nation's PatsPulpit

PMT: Can we get you to reconsider your retirement from football?

Edelman: You guys are nuts. What are you talking about?

PMT: We don’t want you to retire! We don’t want you to retire!

Edelman: What are you talking about?

PMT: You’re not retiring, correct?

Edelman: We’re being a dad right now, and we’re sitting back, and we’re training, getting our body ready for the next year. It’s a time to get away from football right now. This long crazy year. 

Not too long after this exchange, Edelman then added this after Pardon My Take podcast host Big Cat brought up Philip Rivers and his retirement. 

"(chuckles) He had a great career, he had an unbelievable career," Edelman said of Rivers. "But I don't know; we're not there yet, right now it's a time like I said, it's gonna be...this whole year was so jacked up man, it was so long. I just need to decompress for a little bit, and I'm out in LA right now, I'm taking my kid to school, picking her up, doing those kinds of things that you don't get to do during the season, and I'm enjoying that right now. So, don't necessarily know what you guys are talking about." 

It sounds like Edelman isn't quite yet ready to make a decision on his football future.