Connor Orr Names 8 NFL Documentary Subjects Better Than Tom Brady

Devon Clements

On Wednesday, Sports Illustrated's Connor Orr made a list of eight NFL figures that he felt would be better documentary subjects than former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who is set to release an ESPN documentary in 2021 called Man in the Arena, which will cover each of the nine Super Bowl seasons Brady was a part of during his time in New England. 

So, it is my proposal here today that we nominate a few other people to be subjects of lengthy football documentaries. People who can teach us something about living life, competition, resilience, the way the world and game was before it was stripped for gold. People who don’t care to assert complete control over the project in order to feed us a pre-planned meal.

Here are the eight people Orr listed as more intriguing documentary subjects:

1) Fritz Pollard

2) Andy Reid

3) Warrick Dunn

4) Ken Stabler 

5) Randall Cunningham

6) Terrell Owens

7) Bert Bell

8) Chris Berman

To see the case he made for each of those people, click here. 

Personally, I think it's hard to find a better subject to talk about in a documentary than Tom Brady. Yes, we've seen our fair share of work done about the veteran QB over the years because of his historic career and multiple championship titles. But getting it all in one series - which will include interviews and comments from the QB and others associated with him over the past two decades that we've never seen or heard before - is must-see TV. Brady's story has been continually told because of how fascinating it is, which is why telling it in even more detail will be enticing to watch.  

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

Andy Reid and Ken Stabler would be great.

Jaime Eisner
Jaime Eisner

Brady was a very surprising choice. I like the T.O. idea



Max McAuliffe

Max McAuliffe