Did Josh Gordon Take a Subtle Jab at Tom Brady?

Devon Clements

Despite having a rocky NFL career filled with violations and suspensions, veteran receiver Josh Gordon has had the benefit of being on some greats team as of late, which include some great quarterbacks. 

The past season and a half he played with future Hall of Famer Tom Brady, and now he gets to play in Seattle with Russell Wilson, who has consistently been one of the great quarterbacks in the NFL since entering the league in 2012. 

However, even though Wilson doesn't have the resume that Brady has, Gordon apparently believes he is playing with a better quarterback now then he was when he was in New England. 

Here is what Gordon had to say on Tuesday during an appearance on KIRO-AM, AKA ESPN Seattle. 

“Seems like in this part of my career, I’m trending upwards in quarterbacks,” Gordon said to host John Clayton.

Gordon could have been generalizing when he said that. After playing for the Cleveland Browns for several years, the arrow was certainly pointing upwards once he left that organization. But his choice of words makes one wonder if he believes Wilson is a better QB than Brady.

Wilson is playing at an MVP level this season, but it's hard to give someone the nod over a 42 year old QB who continues to defy the odds and play at a high level.