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How an Offseason Workout Between Peyton Manning, Tom Brady Helped Rob Gronkowski, Patriots Offense

Just a few days of working out with Peyton Manning helped Tom Brady grow as a QB while also learning how to utilize his HOF tight end.

A mystique has always surrounded the relationship that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have with each other. While we all know they were ultra competitors and had a respect for each other on the football field, what we didn't no for sure the kind of relationship they had off the field. 

During the NFL 100 show Friday night, Brady gave us a bit of insight on their relationship with each other. The 42 year old spoke about a secret offseason workout they had together one offseason, and Brady said that though he took a lot away from that offseason meetup, the one thing that helped him, Rob Gronkowski and the Patriots offense was a play that he learned from Manning. 

There was a lot of football terminology used in Brady's story, so it's best that we let him tell the story that not many people know:

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