James Develin could care less about being snubbed from 2019 Pro Bowl

Devon Clements

FOXBOROUGH, MASS. - James Develin is the backbone of the New England Patriots backfield. You could even go as far as saying that New England's running backs would not have been as successful as they were in 2018 if it were not for the superb blocking by Develin, who would regularly create running lanes for Sony Michel and company. 

For Develin, a selection to the 2019 Pro Bowl was completely justified. In an age where the fullback is not as popular as it once was, Develin managed to show his importance on a Patriots team that was geared towards the rush last season. 

Unfortunately, when the pro bowl selections were made, Develin did not make the cut. Anthony Sherman, a fullback on the Chiefs got the nod over him. 

One could naturally get upset when something that they deserve wasn't given to them. Develin, on the other hand, appreciates another exclusive game during the season a bit more which is why he's not upset about being snubbed. 

Here is what Develin had to say during a press conference on Tuesday when asked if he was mad about not being selected to the 2019 Pro Bowl. 

"No, I was in the Super Bowl," Develin said via Alex Barth of CLNS Media.  "That's the Bowl we play for."

Enough said. 

Develin, like most Patriots players, enjoys the taste of winning a championship rather than earning a trip to the NFL Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl has become overrated, anyways.