Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Compares Dak Prescott to Tom Brady

Devon Clements

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones never hesitates to express how he feels about the players or coaches that are part of his organization. He has a long history of it, and does it to not only maintain leverage in certain situations, but to also draw eyes towards his beloved Cowboys. 

That's exactly what Jones was doing during his recent radio interview with 105.3 The Fan's  "Ben & Skin Show" when he compared Dallas' starting quarterback Dak Prescott to New England Patriots future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady. 

Jones was asked during the interview if he believes Prescott is more similar to Tony Romo or Troy Aikman. The Cowboys owner had a different name in mind. 

"I think he's more like Brady,'' Jerry said. "We know Tom Brady and he's not Tom Brady. But he's evolving into a guy that will beat you. I think we got us one in Dak."

Let's think about what Jones is really doing here; he knows his team hasn't won a championship in over two decades. He also knows the last-best QB to play at a high level in Dallas (i.e. Tony Romo) didn't have a knack for winning games during the postseason, which led to zero Super Bowl appearances during an all-time great career.  

Dallas' organization really believe Prescott is special. They believe he is not just a good quarterback, but a winner. Jones didn't make those comments during his radio interview because he wanted everyone outside the organization to know how he feels about his starting QB. He wanted to let Prescott know where the bar is set in terms of his production.

As of right now, Prescott has yet to sign a new contract extension with Dallas. Jones' subtle message on 105.3 The Fan may be implying that if Prescott can't make an extended playoff run in 2019, then he may not get the money he wants from an extension with the Cowboys. 

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