Cody Kessler Calls Tom Brady 'the Best Teammate I’ve Ever Been Around'

Devon Clements

Cody Kessler's presence on the New England Patriots roster is felt during the week of preparation more than anywhere else. Because he is the team's third-string quarterback, his sole purpose is to take practice reps and run the scout team offense.  

But even though his chances of making an appearance on the field on game day are very slim, Kessler still asks plenty of questions about the offense while preparing for each game. And Tom Brady is always open to helping him out by answering those questions. 

“In my opinion, (Brady) is the best teammate I’ve ever been around,” Kessler told MassLive's Chris Mason. "It’s been awesome for me to share the quarterback room with him. He’s been very open, any question I have, he’s been answering those."

Kessler also said the way Brady goes about his daily routine is very admirable and makes him well liked by everyone on the team. 

“For me, I’ve just been jotting stuff down here and there in my notebook and just trying to pick things from him: The way (Brady) prepares, to watching film, he does things every day. Taking that on the practice field. And the conversations he has with guys on the team, getting guys to follow him."

Despite being one of the greatest of all-time as a player, Kessler claims you wouldn't know that by the way Brady acts on a day-to-day basis inside Gillette Stadium. 

“Who he is, and what he’s done in his career... You wouldn’t know that with the way he goes about this place," Kessler said. "The way he walks around here. The way he communicates and talks to everybody. As a quarterback that’s big, because you want those guys to buy into you, not only a quarterback but as a teammate, as a leader. It’s been great for me to pick up every little thing I can from Tom."

This isn't the first time we've heard a current or former teammate praise the 42 year old QB for being a great teammate, although it might be the first time we've heard someone peg his as No. 1 on their list in that department. Maybe Brady is the GOAT in more than one category...

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Mike Constantino
Mike Constantino

No surprise here, Brady one of a kind.