Devin, Jason McCourty Share Frustration, Concerns About 2020 Season

Devon Clements

New England Patriots defensive backs Devin and Jason McCourty wrote a guest column for The MMQB on Monday, which was centered around their concerns due to the uncertainty and questions that remain in regards to how the 2020 NFL season will play out. 

The twins peeled back the curtain a bit, giving some insight into the concerns they as players have that have yet to be answered by the NFL. Here is what they had to say:

As the days roll past in July, every NFL player is scrolling through Twitter, finding out news about the upcoming season, wondering if there will even be a season. So many questions with virtually no answers, all three weeks removed from a potential start to training camp. As fear continues to grow for our nation, it is also being spoken about among us players. Will we have an option to opt out of the season? Will we be making our full salary? What if there is a COVID outbreak within the league? It's so hard to make a decision of whether we will play or not without knowing what the exact plan is. Nothing has been agreed upon when it comes to what the stadium will look like. Will we be able to have meetings in the building? Or will the meetings still be done virtually? Will testing be a few times a week or will it be every day? As players, how do we decide what is best for us and our families when we don’t know what we’re walking into? We preach player safety as being the foundation of our game all the time. Well, there’s no better time than now to make sure that is at the forefront of everything we do. We play a dangerous game and assume risk every time we step foot onto the field. We psych ourselves up to be these tough guys, where we play through injuries, and deal with the anxiety of performing on a daily basis and the uncertainty of our careers. But we have reached a point where there is no guidance, there is no wily old veteran to look up to when it comes to the circumstances we face today.

They then answered the question "what does a 2020 NFL player look like?" the best they could. 

So, the answer to that question from above, what exactly does the 2020 NFL player look like? We face a whole lot of unknowns, a whole lot of question marks, and overall are dealing with unsettling feelings about how to handle the two major topics that have hit our entire country hard this year. The year is only halfway done, so the verdict is still out on whether we can get some answers moving forward.

With a little over two weeks remaining before players must report to training camp, there's still a lot that the NFL and NFLPA need to hash out. The McCourty Twins voiced the frustrations and concerns that many players and coaches are dealing with as July continues on. Hopefully, some more answers will be given to them when the NFL and NFLPA meet again this week. 

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

It just seems like a disaster in the making.

Sam Minton
Sam Minton

It will be interesting to see what the 2020 season looks like

Sam Connon
Sam Connon

Devin McCourty is on the NFLPA's Board of Player Representatives – if anyone should be in the loop for this, it's him.