Randy Moss: Patriots Offense Could Be More 'Fun' With Cam Newton

Sam Connon

Randy Moss was Tom Brady’s go-to target in the passing game for almost three seasons.

The Hall of Fame receiver, however, said the newly-signed Cam Newton could help rejuvenate the New England Patriots offense in 2020.

“I think we are getting ready to really see how fun that offense can really be,” Moss said on Get Up on Wednesday. “Not discrediting anything that (Brady) accomplished – because he accomplished some great things – but I think being able to have a guy like Cam Newton that can run the ball, they’re able to spread guys out, and then being able to be that viable threat in the passing game.”

Moss hauled in 39 touchdowns from Brady from 2007 to 2010, 23 of which came during New England’s 16-0 season in 2007. Current offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels held the same position back in 2007, and the Patriots’ offense has remained relatively unchanged since then.

Moss emphasized that he believes the Patriots will be more fun to watch with Newton under center, but he said he thinks that will only come along with a significant change in McDaniels’ offense.

“I think what we’ve seen coming out of New England for the past, let’s say 20 years, there is going to be a change,” Moss said. “Cam Newton is going to give them the opportunity for the fans – not just the New England Patriots fans, but the football fans just around the world – to really see how fun this offense can really be.”

Newton owns the record for career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback with 58, while also posting 4,806 rushing yards on 5.1 yards per carry in his nine seasons with the Carolina Panthers.

However, Newton’s career completion percentage of 59.6% is almost four points lower than Brady’s 63.8% career mark. In the four seasons since his 2015 MVP win, Newton has posted three sub-60% campaigns – a threshold Brady hasn’t fallen below since he went 1-for-3 as a third-stringer in 2000.

“Yes, there have been big concerns of him being inaccurate over the years, but ever since that MVP year, I don’t really know what happened to (Newton),” Moss said. “But I think him being able to go to New England to get a fresh start with his career, have fun within the offense...that’s what the offense in New England is going to be able to give him.”

Like Newton, Moss joined the Patriots as both a superstar and an outcast. The receiver said Bill Belichick enhanced his knowledge of the game and studying habits and that he expects his former coach to do the same for Newton by indoctrinating him into the Patriot Way.

“The one thing that I’ve heard before me and even after my departure was how Bill brought all the players to the same level,” Moss said. “He didn’t make me feel that I was better than the team, never made (Brady) feel like he was better than the team – he criticized all.”

Moss said the Patriots players will be happy to have a dynamic playmaker join the team this season, and that Newton is unlike any player to come through Foxborough in years.

“The guys are excited to have a guy like Cam Newton, being able to have an athletic and mobile quarterback,” Moss said. “That’s something the Patriots haven’t seen in a long time.”

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Sam Minton
Sam Minton

I gotta agree with Moss. It will be interesting to see what Josh McDaniels cooks up.