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Which Former Patriots Star Clearly Misses Red Throwbacks?

Tom Brady left New England, but his heart might still bleed red for Pat Patriot.

When Tom Brady temporarily - for 41 days, to be exact - retired this offseason he released a statement that curiously failed to even mention the team he led to six Super Bowls. But clearly, the New England Patriots are still on Brady's mind, if not also forever in his heart.

As the Patriots garnered national attention Wednesday by announcing they were bringing back their beloved red jersey and "Pat Patriot" logo for select games in 2022, a clearly forlorn Brady couldn't help but chime in.

The future Hall of Famer let Jim Carey deliver his message, but he clearly wasn't thrilled about seeing Mac Jones wear the red this season in Foxboro.

While Brady is stuck in Tampa perhaps of dreaming of playing in the Buccaneers' fabled "creamsicle" throwbacks, the Patriots energized their fan base with news of the red.

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After 10 years of ceaseless clamoring and speculation, New England Patriots fans have finally got their wish: the throwback uniforms are back.

The Patriots social media team announced the return of the highly anticipated uniforms through a video referencing Back to the Future. Specific games in which the team will wear the uniform will be announced in the near future.

The team’s newest rendition of the old uniform includes a bright red jersey accompanied by white pants and a white helmet featuring the original Pat Patriot logo. The uniform keeps the three-stripe theme found in the team’s current home and away jerseys, which were officially adopted prior to the 2020 season.

This season will mark the first time that New England will wear its throwback red uniform and white helmet since 2012.