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Which Patriot Made NFL Network's Top 5 'Under-the-Radar' Signings?

Rich Eisen says veteran safety Jabrill Peppers is a steal for New England.

The New England Patriots are absorbing all sorts of criticism for what some consider a lackluster offseason.

But while the Pats may be void of a signature trade, signing or draft choice, at least one expert believe they made a shrewd move. On his radio show, NFL Network's Rich Eisen pointed to cornerback Jabrill Peppers as a sneaky signing.

Patriots - Giants
Patriots - Peppers

“I’m telling you, I’m biased, flat-out biased when it comes to this player, who was one of the most dynamite college players, did not do very well in Cleveland (Browns),” Eisen said. “Get it, understand. Didn’t do all that great, didn’t shine out in New York (Giants) but now he’s coming to New England, and I’m telling you, the Patriots will understand what to do with this guy.

“And he’s going to have, all of a sudden, the old fountain of youth, even though he’s still youthful. Jabrill Peppers is a New England Patriot, and I’m telling you, he’s gonna be terrific in this defense. They’re gonna figure out what to do. He’s gonna make plays. He’s gonna ‘do your job.’ He knows how to do it. Bill (Belichick) loves Michigan players, and that’s not just a (Tom) Brady reference.”

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Patriots - Ty Montgomery
Mack Wilson

Peppers, 26, was a sneaky good grab for the Patriots and they signed him to an incentive-laced one-year deal that could be worth $5 million. He will join a loaded safety group that includes Devin McCourty, Adrian Phillips and Kyle Dugger.

The Patriots begin their preseason Aug. 11 against Peppers' former New York Giants.