Patriots Fall Again in Week 14 MMQB Power Rankings

Devon Clements

After a 28-22 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday Night Football, the New England Patriots find themselves falling again in the MMQB power rankings in Week 14. The Patriots have fallen to no. 4 in the rankings, this time being surpassed by the Seattle Seahawks, who climbed to no. 3 this week. The Ravens remain at no. 1 and the 49ers at no. 3. 

Here is what the MMQB staff had to say about New England this week:

"Tom Brady was decently protected all night but nobody other than Julian Edelman (six catches, 106 yards, TD) could shake their Texan shadow long enough to get anything remotely resembling space. The stout defense also looked a little shoddier on the back end than usual, giving up back-to-back Houston touchdown drives fueled by long receptions over 25 yards in the third quarter."

After a poor performance on both sides of the ball which included allowing 28 points and failing to score a touchdown until late in the 3rd quarter, New England rightfully is knocked down the power rankings once again. Week 13 was easily their worst overall performance this season, which is unfortunate when considering how important and tough these next few weeks will be for the reigning Super Bowl champions. 

With the Chiefs coming to Gillette Stadium this week, the Patriots have to turn the page quickly and figure out a way to find some rhythm on offense while also recovering from a week that included many of their players becoming sick. If New England doesn't get drastically better this week they may find their second straight loss in Week 14. 

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Mike Constantino
Mike Constantino

Take it week by week. This week: Beat Chiefs and need Bills over ravens.

Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

We will be back.