Patriots' kicker situation has only become more mysterious

The question has burned brighter and louder as the week has gone along: who's kicking for the Patriots on Sunday?

It's now Friday before the Patriots face the Chiefs at Gillette Stadium, but there's still no official update about the team's kicker situation. And it only got more confusing on Friday morning, because Ian Rapoport tweeted that the Patriots are re-signing Nick Folk - only to walk it back minutes later.

"Update to this, with Bill Belichick telling reporters that Folk may not be headed back: The question was, Is he healthy enough after his appendectomy? And perhaps he’s not," Rapoport tweeted soon after saying the Pats are expected to re-sign Folk. He then followed that up with a clarification, tweeting that Folk will kick on Friday to see how he feels and if he feels good enough he will likely re-sign with the Patriots.

In other words, the Patriots still don't have a kicker nailed down for Sunday.

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Devon Clements
Devon Clements


Yes they do. They signed Folk yesterday.