Report: Nick Caserio wants out of New England

Devon Clements

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - After a whirlwind of controversy which involved the Houston Texans allegedly tampering with the New England Patriots Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio to try and get him as their new GM, a new report has surfaced that Caserio no longer wishes to stay in New England. 

According to Ben Volin of The Boston Globe, Caserio reportedly wants out of New England despite having one year left on his contract. 

This doesn't only create a tough situation for the Patriots, who know that Caserio will for sure be gone in 2020 when his contract is up, but it also creates a sort of tension this season knowing that their de facto GM doesn't want to be a part of their organization anymore, but can't leave for another year. 

Will the Patriots try and give Caserio a new title or a pay raise to try and keep in happy in the meantime? Or could they part ways with him before things get awkward? 

There are a few scenarios that could play out here. But none of them end in a happy ending for the two parties.