Former Patriots Coach Says Cam Newton Has 'Huge Edge' in QB Competition

Devon Clements

There are many people in the football community trying to make an educated guess as to who will win this year's starting quarterback competition in New England. And there's one former New England Patriots coach that has weighed in on the conversation. 

Appearing as a guest on SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio, former New England offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia had this to say about Cam Newton and the quarterback competition set to take place this month:

“I think [Cam Newton] has a huge edge, because of what he’s done in the league,” he said, as transcribed by ESPN’s Mike Reiss. “The guy was an MVP [in 2015]. We played against him a number of times, have a huge respect for him as a player and leader, and the things he’s done. This guy, from a skill set, a lot different from guys we’ve had in there at quarterback over the years. [Jarrett] Stidham has great feet and ability to move and avoid the rush, and create and do a lot of similar things."

“I don’t think he’s to Cam’s skill set, but this guy is a pretty good player. He also has a tremendous work ethic and he’s a smart guy. I know this, you have to be a smart guy to play quarterback in that system. Having said all that, the cupboard is not half empty by any means. I think there is a lot of enthusiasm. The situation looks a lot different than it did two months ago.”

If Scarnecchia believes Newton has an advantage in the starting quarterback competition, then it's only a matter of time before the former MVP is named the Week 1 starting quarterback for the six-time Super Bowl champions. Yes, Stidham and Hoyer have more experience in the system, but talent trumps experience a lot. 

Say hello to your new starting quarterback, New England. 

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Sam Minton
Sam Minton

It's hard to think that Newton doesn't end up with the job

Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

Agreed, Newton has a sizeable advantage.

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Devon Clements
Devon Clements


I can't wait to see how he performs under center in New England. Between the pandemic and no preseason, I'm craving some football.