Where does Antonio Brown stand with Patriots amid civil lawsuit?

Devon Clements

About 12 hours after Antonio Brown had a civil lawsuit filed against him, the question that bears asking is - where does Brown's job stand with the New England Patriots? 

ESPN Insider Adam Schefter was asked about the All-Pro receiver's standing with the Patriots organization during WEEI's "The Greg Hill Show" on Wednesday morning. 

 “The NFL has an investigation to conduct, and I guess the Patriots are going to defer the league,” Schefter said. “I would imagine when they go out to practice, Antonio Brown would be out there. Again, it’s a fluid situation, but I’d guess he’d be out there.”

Schefter's co-worker, Mike Tannenbaum, says that Brown can still play because it is a civil lawsuit that has been filed against him. 

Schefter also mentioned that being placed on the commissioner's exempt list could be an option for Brown, though it wouldn't happen anytime soon. 

"I guess it's also possible, although it is a bit premature right now that the league could always place him on the commissioner's exempt list," Schefter said. "In which case he would be on that list and it would be a situation where the league would be investigating it and he wouldn't play until the league could make a determination about what was right and was wrong. That's another option here. Talking to some people last night about that possibility, they thought it was a bit premature, but these things change quick and sometimes take unexpected turns."

So, it looks like it will be business as usual in Foxborough until the league determines the fate of Brown. Expect to see him at practice on Wednesday. 

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I usually prefer to give victim preference. However if I understand correctly she has known him for years and she was raped 3 times. Once someone has raped you do you not cut off all ties? To say she went back twice for a third time. Keeping open mind. Not a credible story yet. Suspect money grab.

Mike Constantino
Mike Constantino

I think he hangs around. Chung is also awaiting trial for issues off the field too. Innocent until proven guilty will probably be the way this goes.