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Raiders Have the Talent to Turn Things Around.

The Las Vegas Raiders have been inconsistent on offense, but the Raiders have the playmakers to spark this offense back again.

It’s no secret that the Las Vegas Raiders have problems moving the ball downfield.

But there is no doubt that the Raiders have the talent across the roster to turn things around.

Running backs, wide receivers, tight ends and even their fullbacks can make plays when healthy, big plays that can turn the momentum around, unfortunately executing plays have been a problem the last couple of weeks.

“I find the solution just lies in execution. Some people execute and some people don't. It separates a good team from the great teams, great teams that have aspirations. So I feel like execution is the biggest part,” Raiders tight end Darren Waller said.

The Raiders are at their best when running the ball, but this season, it has been where the Raiders have struggled atrociously.

The inexperience and the injuries up front have not helped the Raiders at all, and opposing teams have taken advantage of it, turning the Raiders' offense one-dimensional.

“In the last couple of years when we really can pound the rock, that really is when we're at our best offensively and we were a team that wants to run the ball. So when it doesn't go our way like that, it does make it tougher for us. So we got to find a way to be more balanced,” Waller added.

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The results have not gone their way the last couple of weeks, but in the games, we have seen a few explosive plays that spark the offense for just a little bit.

“I believe we have a very talented team in all phases of the game. I feel like I've seen what our best football looks like, our better football,” Waller added. “When we can put it together and be consistent with it, in that ability that's when those things are able to turn around with the talent that we have here but we got to make it happen. It's not just gonna fall on our lap.”

The Raiders have sufficient talent to turn things around, but the players will need to execute the game plan and keep their focus ahead of them.

The opportunity to turn the page will come rather quickly as they face the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday.

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