Raiders QB Derek Carr Speaks Out, Aims to Unite People

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is a leader on the field as one of the NFL's elite signal-callers. He also stands tall off the gridiron.
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Ever since the death of George Floyd, athletes across the sports world have spoken out and protested against police brutality and discrimination relating to Black Americans, especially those that were unarmed and died from police-related incidents.

One thing that has stood out is the number of white athletes, including NFL quarterbacks like Carson Wentz, Joe Burrow, and Ryan Tannehill, who have spoken out against racial injustice.

Among this group is Las Vegas signal-caller Derek Carr, who explained his reasons for speaking out when asked to comment by columnist Jim Trotter. "For years, we have all been taught to "just stay out of politics." Not just as a white athlete, but all athletes in general. I think over the last couple of years; people have begun to break down these barriers by using their platform for what they believe is right." 

"Something I was always taught as an athlete was to keep your head down and be you when there is a major headlining story. I use my platform to preach all over the world, which is an honor and a blessing. But recently, it started to weigh heavy on my heart that it was time to stand up and say what I have been feeling for a long time, disregarding what anyone from any standpoint had to say or think about it. I felt in my heart this was the right moment to speak up, to not care so much about politics but instead speak the truth.

"I have been angered and heartbroken by any loss of life in the past, but now I feel that I am in a place where I can make a difference with my actions and not just my words. I'm working closely with teammates and higher-ups in the Las Vegas community to take actual actions and stride to make our country better.

"My goal is simple, and that is to unite people. Nothing bigger, nothing smaller. Unity is how we will see real change occur! As a spiritual, God-fearing man, I believe that our country is dealing with major spiritual, heart, and system issues. Therefore, I firmly believe the blood Jesus shed on the cross is answer not fighting with anger." 

You can click right here to read the entirety of Carr's comments.

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