Where is Raiders Derek Carr Ranked in Latest NFL List?

Darin Alexander Baydoun

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr talked about being tired of being disrespected and having something to prove to himself and his teammates this year.

If the new quarterback tiers, done recently by Pro Football Focus (PFF), show anything, the narrative might be starting to turn on whether Carr can break through his perceived ceiling. 

As mentioned, PFF put out their quarterback tiers list for the upcoming season, dividing the leagues 32 starters into four separate tiers. Tier 1 and Tier 2 are filled with former MVPs and future Hall of Famers such as Patrick Mahomes, Russel Wilson, Tom Brady and Arron Rodgers. 

Tier 3 is where Carr finds himself, along with fellow luminaries such as Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford and Kirk Cousins. This tier of quarterbacks is described as being “volatile or conservative,” who can “post top-10 production in any given year in the right situation.” 

While being in the middle tier could be seen as disrespect, PFF’s evaluation of Carr implies he could go higher. In their analysis, PFF said, “There’s no denying Carr’s ability to throw accurately and with the requisite amount of velocity to every level of the field. That’s why I’ve advocated for a more aggressive approach to maximize the offense’s effectiveness. The Raiders' offensive weapons aren’t great, but the pieces are improving. If Carr takes advantage, he’s capable of posting a top-10 season.” 

It seems that PFF recognizes Carr’s talent. While their opinion of the weapons the Raiders have put around Carr is debatable, they’re probably not wrong in saying that Carr could have a top-10 season if he takes advantage.

The addition of Henry Ruggs III to Pro Bowl level talents Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller should give Carr his best chance since 2016 to put up a year that will have the Raiders contending for the playoffs. 

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No. 1-1

Last season was not great for Carr. If he is able to put together a great season this year then I think he will get moved into a higher tier.