Behind Enemy Lines: Kansas City Chiefs

Previewing the 2021 Las Vegas Raiders opponents, we look today at the Kansas City Chiefs.
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Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven continues to go behind enemy lines and get the latest information on the Raiders' divisional rivals straight from the source that covers them.

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a loss at the Super Bowl, and while they have taken this offseason to reinforce some of their weaknesses, there are still a few concerns out there to correct if they plan to make another run to the big game.

Tucker Franklin, Deputy Editor of Sports Illustrated Arrowhead Report, recently joined Raider Maven's Editor and Publisher Hondo Carpenter on the radio. Carpenter was co-hosting with Clay Baker on the "Pritch & Clay" morning show on Raider Nation Radio (LINK TO LISTEN LIVE).

"I think the biggest weakness for this Chiefs team is going to be their secondary, they didn't re-sign Bashaud Breeland," Franklin said, "The Chiefs are very good about mixing up their looks in the secondary but that's kind of the thing that I've kind of pinpointed, as it could be the Achilles heel for this team."

With plenty of pass-catching talent across the AFC West, it does raise a few concerns about the Chiefs moving forward and potentially finishing the season undefeated.

Another problem the Chiefs have this offseason is putting together a fully overhauled offensive line by the start of the season.

"I guess it's a good problem to have, right, you got all these really good, good offensive linemen," said Franklin.

While the Bucs exposed the offensive line during the Super Bowl, the Chiefs are also trying to avoid Russell Wilson in Seattle or Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

General manager Brett Veach saw the offensive line needing a total overhaul, so he drafted and signed some outstanding offensive linemen for cheap.

"This would be the first time all five of these guys are playing together," said Franklin. "It's gonna be a challenge, I think there's a lot of people in Chiefs Kingdom who think that they can just plug and play, and I got to remind people you know this isn't Madden. There's a lot of chemistry things they got to work on."

The Chiefs are also in need of a talented No.2 wide receiver. Franklin does not feel comfortable going with Marcus Robinson. Aside from Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, who else do they go to?

They were interested in acquiring Julio Jones, but in all seriousness, they weren't in the position to make a serious move as the Chiefs face salary cap restrictions.

The road to becoming the first team to go 17-0 will be a tough one in the future.

Franklin predicts the Chiefs to finish the season with a record of 14-3.

Chiefs fans know what the Raiders are doing; they know the Raiders are ready and know Raider Nation is coming.

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