It’s All About the Rhythm

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr says he "felt like we've been in a good rhythm all year"

Three wins in the last four games.

Lost to the Kansas City Chiefs within one possession.

The Las Vegas Raiders have been on a rhythm for the last few weeks, making them a contender for one of the wild-card slots for the NFL playoffs.

It’s not a mistake the Raiders have been successful recently, after making many parts of their team click.

Quarterback Derek Carr says it’s all about managing the ball on the field.

“I’ve felt like we’ve been in a good rhythm all year,” Carr told reporters after the game against the Chiefs on Sunday. “I’ve felt like we were in a really good rhythm. You know, the stats may not show it, but when we ran the ball, there was some efficient runs that got us into some second and manageable and things like that, some third-and-shorts.

"I know, speaking for Josh [Jacobs], I wish he had 200 yards today again, you know? He does a great job keeping us on schedule, pounding his head in there. I thought we were running efficiently. I felt like we were hitting some big plays again in the pass game, but this stinks. It wasn’t enough.”

As I have been saying all season long, Jacobs has been a key ingredient for the Raiders' success on offense. Creating second and third downs that are more manageable allows more play options to open up for offensive coordinator Greg Olson.

In return, the Raiders can always surprise the opponent to grab a first down. A few of these chain-moving plays pieced together quickly create rhythm on the offense.

Rhythm is a key aspect of any successful offense. It looks like the Raiders might have found the rhythm they have been looking for.

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