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Ziegler: Different Roles to Be Filled in RB Position

While Raiders General Manager Dave Ziegler has not yet talked specifically on the players he declined the fifth-year option on, he did say that each position, including running back, will have "different roles."

Las Vegas Raiders General Manager Dave Ziegler made it known that the approach his staff is taking is slightly different from what the Silver and Black has done in the past.

For each position, there will be “different roles” to be filled depending on the situation rather than having a single starter and a couple players from the bench.

“I think what we look at when we evaluate every position -- again, is the way we look at all positions, there's different roles to be filled,” Ziegler said at the post-draft press conference. “You have sub-running backs; you have change-of-pace running backs; you have first- and second-down running backs. There's going to be different roles to fill throughout that position group.”

With the new staff trying to evaluate their roster and figure out what role each player will play, it makes sense that the Raiders declined to pick-up any fifth-year options.

While Ziegler has not released specific information about what he intends to do with running back Josh Jacobs in the future, right now his focus is on figuring out who plays what role on the team.

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“You could look at defensive tackle, you're going to have guys that play in sub, guys that play in base; same thing at linebacker, so on and so forth,” Ziegler continued. “There's different roles and there's going to be competition for those roles, so, however, that ends up kind of filling out it fills out.

“We have a lot of talented players there, and so we always want everybody to compete. Everybody -- we want to have that mentality that they're competing for a spot and are motivated to compete for playing time and things of that nature, and running back will be no different.”

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