Bradley: “Great Effort, Great Enthusiasm, Great Toughness”

Gus Bradley has revealed his defense will focus on, "Great effort, great enthusiasm and great toughness"

Raiders Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley has revealed the defensive style he wants to bring to Las Vegas.

“I think the style that you should see is a team that plays with great effort, great enthusiasm, great toughness and a defense that plays smart,” Bradley said on Tuesday. “That is our key, that is the style when people talk. Now, if you just said what is our non-negotiables: fast, physical and we have to find a way to get the ball.

"We have to set up opportunities for the offense to score, give them possessions and every call that we design, even if it’s just a three-deep like you say or man coverage, we want the players to have the mindset that every call that we have is designed to get the ball. It’s very important, the communication that takes place within the defense.

"We’re going to add defenses, we’re going to be very multiple but not at the expense that we don’t play fast. That’s first and foremost.”

Great effort, great enthusiasm, great toughness, the basics for any successful defense is what Bradley is bringing from the Los Angeles Chargers.

The fact that he’s already said his defense will be variable should be a good sign as he figures out what defense works well with the players he has.

Obviously, the draft and free agency moves will supplement Bradley’s development of his defensive playbook.

It’s up to Bradley if his words are executed on the field.

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