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Raiders Have to Find a Way to Finish in Red Zone

The Raiders lack of finishing in the red zone have led to another last-minute loss.

The Las Vegas Raiders truly had an opportunity to beat the Washington Football Team on Sunday.

But the lack of production in the red zone partially caused the last-minute loss.

"Difficult story for us in the red zone," Interim Head Coach Rich Bisaccia said. "Obviously, coming out of there with field goals.”

"Got the ball at the 39-yard line from the big interception, had the chance to go down there and score a touchdown, and we didn't. We came out of there with a field goal.

“Puts us in a bad position that way. I know it gives us the lead, but certainly, the clock became an issue at the end. … We've got to find a way to score more than 15 points, obviously."

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr alluded to the fact that the Silver and Black simply need to keep their head down and keep working.

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"We've just got to keep our head down, come to work, listen to what your coach tells you to do and do that to the best of your ability," Carr said.

"Our coaches are doing a great job with everything they've had to go through and deal with, their roles changing and things like that. They've done an excellent job of pushing us and keeping the details. We as a whole need to listen to what they're saying and do it on gameday."

Meanwhile, Raiders running back Josh Jacobs says there needs to be a burst of energy on the offense.

"We've got to be who we are or who we think we are, and we've got to have some juice, some energy, some type of swag to us," Jacobs said.

"I feel like we come in stiff and dull in games sometimes and I don't feel like it should take somebody having a big play for everybody to take to that mindset of wanting to be on that."

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