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Las Vegas Raiders Running Backs:Pressure, Pressure, Pressure

Raiders running backs are working on applying more pressure on the field this season to help with their play and the overall offense.

Pressure. Pressure. Pressure.

It’s a word anyone who has played pretty much any sport has heard at some point of their sports career.

For the Raiders' running back room, that’s what their main focus is heading into the season.

“As running backs, we are definitely trying to apply pressure this year,” fullback Alec Ingold told reporters. “There is no pressure felt by us. We are trying to push the standard and see how good we can be.”

Taking a look at the Silver and Black stats show why the running backs are working on pressuring the defense in training camp.

Last season, the Raiders had 118.3 rushing yards per game. That was good for 13th in the NFL. The Silver and Black had a total of 1,893 rushing yards for the entire season.

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Of those rushing yards, running back Josh Jacobs had the most with 1,150 in his rookie season. Jacobs would have booked more yards if he didn’t missed the last three games of the season due to injury.

As a running back room, the Raiders are getting a phenomenal addition with third-round pick Lynn Bowden Jr. Last year at Kentucky, as a versatile quarterback, he rushed just under eight yards per play.

The pressure applies to Ingold as well. As the lead blocker, he needs to apply pressure every play, whether it be a rushing, passing or a play-action play. This way, Ingold constantly keeps the defense guessing on what the Raiders' next play will be, helping the entire team on the field.

The Silver and Black have the stats as a running back room to be successful on the field. With the addition of Bowden and by applying more pressure, the running backs can be a vital asset for a successful season.

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