Tampa Bay Buccaneers Similar To Raiders Defense Playbook

During Super Bowl LV, the Buccaneers executed a defensive game plan similar to the one the Raiders used against the Chiefs

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, under the leadership of veteran quarterback Tom Brady, defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, 31-9.

But did that game plan look familiar by any chance?

It should have. The Raiders beat the Chiefs with a similar defensive game plan once and nearly swept them before losing in the final minute of the second game.

Let’s dissect.

During the game Sunday night, color commentator Tony Romo broke down the Buccaneers defensive strategy.

The first key point was to play two high safeties.

Guess who else played high safeties against the Chiefs?

The Raiders.

It allowed the Silver and Black to double team guys such as wide receiver Tyreek Hill down the field.

Hill had 102 yards and 78 receiving yards respectively in the two games against Las Vegas.

The second point was utilizing the Chiefs' weak points and/or strong points of the team.

Here’s what I mean.

The Chiefs were without starting tackle Eric Fisher for the Super Bowl. That isolated the left tackle position as their primary weak point.

The Buccaneers consistently attacking from the left side, where Fisher would have played if he were to be healthy.

The Raiders did something similar, albeit with their strengths instead of the Chiefs' weakness.

They attacked straight up the middle with their linebackers. Both times.

The first time around, they utilized additional support on the outside, notably defensive end Maxx Crosby.

He had two quarterback hits and a sack for the day during the Week 5 matchup.

My point is this. The Raiders have the tools, much like the Buccaneers did last night, to win a Super Bowl.

Their defense, under new leadership, can make game plans utilizing their opponent’s weaknesses.

The Raiders could be in the big dance next year, as long as defensive coordinator Gus Bradley makes the right game plans for every opponent.

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