LT Kolton Miller: “I Think We’re Continuing to Build”

After signing a multi-year contract extension with the Raiders, Miller had some thoughts to share.
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Left tackle Kolton Miller has shared some insight after signing a multi-year contract extension with the Raiders.

A few days ago, I reported that Miller signed a three-year contract extension worth $54 million.

As Miller has been a Raider since he joined the NFL as a first-round pick for the Silver and Black back in 2018, he reflected back on his career thus far.

"They always say don't listen to the noise, but obviously I picked up some of that in my rookie year, but when injuries or little setbacks happened, I didn't let that affect me," Miller said.

"I feel like as a player you can't let that affect you. What I wanted to prove most was to my coaches, to my teammates and the fans that to really invest and prove myself as much as I can to be their left tackle, to protect DC [Derek Carr]. That little stuff can just distract you and get you off the path to where you want to go."

Even with the right mentality and progress, he still has work to do.

"I know there was a lot of adversity my rookie season,” Miller said. “I just took it day by day and proved as much as I can.”

“I'm going to continue to improve. I'm going to get stronger, improve my technique, it doesn't stop here."

As for his thoughts on the Raiders as a whole, Miller believes the Raiders are on an upward trajectory.

"I think we're continuing to build," Miller said. "I thought we made great strides last year, but obviously times changed. Like this year, things got moved around a lot and that happens with teams, but I feel really confident in our group, and going forward I have the utmost confidence in the staff.”

I'm going along for the ride, and I'm for it."

Perhaps Miller himself wraps it up best as to why he re-signed with the Raiders.

"I'm glad I could extend my time here,” Miller said. “I love playing here.”

“I want to be Raider for as long as I can."

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