Colts Wanted Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr

The Raiders responded with a firm, "not available" when inquired about Carr's availability

Remember when I said the Las Vegas Raiders aren't shopping Derek Carr?

Case in point.

According to Jim Ayello, when the Raiders organization was asked by the Indianapolis Colts if Carr was available for a potential trade, the Raiders said a firm, "not available."

I have already said that the Raiders won't trade Carr unless they get a really good deal out of it, one that Las Vegas has to jump on ship with.

This trade wasn't it or honestly, not even close to the threshold the Raiders will even consider for stock like Carr.

The Colts eventually managed to execute a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, receiving quarterback Carson Wentz in exchange for a 2021 third-round pick and a 2022 conditional second-round pick.

But here's my point.

The Raiders are on a cusp of a playoff berth. With the right protection for Carr in the pocket combined with an improved defense, the Silver and Black have a really good opportunity to make it the playoffs next season.

The Raiders are not a rebuilding team. They are a team that needs to make a couple of major changes, which they have already started to do so, in order to inch closer to the Super Bowl.

If any other team does approach the Raiders for Carr, it's got to be a much better deal than the Colts and Eagles agreed or else Carr isn't going anywhere.

So if we sum it all up, it's this: Carr isn't going anywhere. He remains the Raiders quarterback.

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