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Kenyan Drake –“A Classic Thunder and Lightning Type of Feel”

Running back Kenyan Drake shared his thoughts on becoming a Raider and pairing up with Josh Jacobs.

Running back Kenyan Drake recently shared his thoughts on becoming a Raider and pairing with running back Josh Jacobs.

Drake told SiriusXM NFL Radio, “I’m just really excited. Playing for that stadium, playing for that fanbase, that tradition and it’s just something that I feel like anybody is kind of drawn to even if you weren’t necessary a fan… the allure of playing for the Raiders of seeing them… classic Silver and Black.”

Drake’s words alone already tell enough that he has a mentality of the Raider.

However, at the end of the day, it matters what Drake can do on the field.

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For Drake, since he’ll be paired up with Jacobs, it’ll be necessary to have great chemistry between the pair of them.

Drake’s main focus is to, “Just being a versatile playmaker… being dynamic in open space, obviously Josh has the same ability. Our styles kind of complement each other… almost a classic thunder and lightning type of feel.”

If the words, “thunder and lightning” can translate onto the field, the Silver and Black may have one of the strongest rushing games in the NFL.

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