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McDaniels: Team is Starting to Understand the New Verbiage

Raiders Coach Josh McDaniels says the players are starting to understand the new language McDaniels is bringing to Las Vegas.

Working under a new head coach means a change in some procedural things.

One of those changes is the verbiage used to call plays, audibles, etc.

While the Las Vegas Raiders are just days into working on verbiage, Coach Josh McDaniels says the team is off to a good start.

“Yeah, I'd say the wheel is spinning pretty good right now, and that's just the nature of this time of the year,” McDaniels said after OTAs. “The hours are a little restricted, so there's less you can do in terms of meeting times and those kinds of things.

“The mornings are kind of power-packed in terms of information flow. They're doing a great job of trying to stay up with the information. They're learning a new language, quite honestly, in each phase of the game. Whenever that's the case, the first thing you have to do is really start to understand the verbiage.

“One word can tell a lot of people a lot of things. And whether we're giving the calls or we're guys getting the calls, there's a lot that can happen. So, we know there's a lot of variables on each play.”

McDaniels admitted a lot of mistakes are being made right now, but that is all part of the learning process and is expected.

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“Like I said, there's a lot of mistakes, but that's how we get better, from going out and just trying to compete the way that we can compete now, which is not really physical, but the mental part of it,” McDaniels added.

In addition, McDaniels added music today just to simulate some fan noise during the game. Obviously, it won’t be dead silent on game days.

“There’s stress out there,” McDaniels said. “We added the music today to simulate some noise that just made the communication that much harder. But like I said, the intention, the effort, the attitude we have is tremendous.

“A long way to go before we can really say we got it and we understand everything. But after three days of this, I'm pleased with kind of where we're headed.”

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