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Around the World of the NFL Podcast: Episode VIII

Each week we are joined by Matt Hladik from the Spun to travel around the world of the NFL talking about the Raiders first and the rest of the league.

Henderson, Nev.--Each week, Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven goes around the world of the NFL talking Las Vegas Raiders and all things pro football with Matt Hladik.

In this week's episode, we take a deep dive into the pool that is Raider Nation. This sports franchise has amazing fans who span the globe, many of whom have never seen their beloved Raiders live.

On this podcast each week, we get into the topics that surround the game and the NFL as a whole, while never forgetting or taking our focus far from the Raiders. In this week's episode we discuss:

  • NFL and NFLPA agreement.
  • Will the NFL play a 16-game schedule?
  • Will the season start on time?
  • Will there be delays?
  • Will the NFL play a complete season?
  • How focused is the NFL on maintaining the dominant role as America’s premier sport?
  • Who will be the starting QB in New England?
  • Cam Newton, Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham.
  • How great is the fit between the Raiders and the city of Las Vegas?
  • How disappointing is a new Allegiant Stadium not at full capacity?
  • The enormity of the Raider Nation fan base.
  • Does a stadium not being full of spectators hurt a team like the Raiders more with such a massive fan base?

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