What it Means to be a Raider Podcast with Jeff Barnes

Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr.

Henderson, Nev.--I have traveled the world covering sports. I have been to virtually every big game in every sport. I have been to nearly all of the NFL stadiums, Super Bowls, playoffs, and more. But in my travels, I learned first hand about the emotion and passion of Raider Nation and the fanatics that love it.

The reach of this franchise has crossed cultural and national borders. There is something about this particular franchise that seizes people's hearts and emotions in a way that many simply can't.

Is there a secret? What is the musical instrument that calls fans and passion to this organization like the Pied Piper?

We present a series of podcasts at Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven, where we investigate what it means to be a Raider. We will talk with former and current Raider players and employees. We will communicate with fans and even opposing players about what makes "Da Raiders."

Today we welcome a man who is Raider Royalty, a two-time Super Bowl Ccampion who played with the toughness that has defined a franchise, and a man who loves the Raiders as much as Al Davis and has the scars to prove it--linebacker Jeff Barnes.

Do you know someone who should be on this podcast? Do you have a favorite former player or someone you know who would have an exciting story on being a Raider? Make sure you leave that in the comment section.

Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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No. 1-1

personally I feel players are sometimes boring on radio shows as they don't say too much and Raider legends often just say the same thing every year on every show. I think you should have people on who also cover the team that have some energy though and bring real heat and truthfulness to the show. So scrap Vic Tafur of Athletic since he's a bore. Scott Bair of NBC Bay Area brings energy. I like listening to Steven Micheals of The Raiders Daily. I always tune into to his podcast because of the energy and he knows football which is refreshing. If you got to have players though then even know it was a short stint you need to go with Romo, Bill Romanowski. He's great on air!