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Answering Your Raiders Questions:  Belichick Conspiracy, thoughts on Kaepernick

Each week, we take your questions on the Las Vegas Raiders and answer them, and with the season approaching, you had plenty of them.

HENDERSON, Nev.--The Las Vegas Raiders have a passionate fan base, hungry for wins and success. Each week we take time to answer your emails and questions about your beloved Silver and Black, so let's get right to it.

First I wanna say I am so hyped on Ziegler! Matthew Butler and Neil Farrell do you think it’s possible that they are both good enough to start alongside each other. I do for some reason I'm feeling it they are ballers! Go RRRRRRAIDERS!!! Bubba L.

This year? I highly doubt that, but in the future, for sure I think they could develop into that.

Hi Hondo, will you view the season as a failure if the Raiders miss the playoffs? Go Raiders, Adams F

No, it would not be a simple failure, it would be an absolute failure.

Hondo, I hate you and your annoying fans calling you Uncle Hondo. Was your dad a prolific donor at fertility clinics? Go Chargers. Keith P.

Well, my mom did have 13 pregnancies.

Uncle Hondo, in your opinion, is it probable that the Raiders will sign Colin Kaepernick? Crystal M.

Probable? No, I do not think so. However, that is not saying it can’t or wouldn’t. I know the Raiders are happy where they are at, and I am not sure financially it would make sense for both Jarrett Stidham (Who they just traded for) and Kaepernick to be on the same roster. Probable? No, but certainly possible.

Hondo. RaiderRon here. Still very early in the process, but with all the talent and staff additions throughout the four teams, do you feel the AFCW title is more wide open now than in previous years?  Appreciate you! Ron M.

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Without a doubt. I think the Las Vegas Raiders are the team to beat.

Hondo, which UDFA do you feel will make the 53-man roster and have an impact on the team this season? OGL1ard

I haven’t got to see them yet. Ask me next week, and I will have more of an idea. I could just name someone, but that wouldn’t be respectful of you, or your question.

Hondo, I think the entire Belichick coaching tree is poison. Assistant coaches go off to be head coaches of other teams and they always lose, then they go back to New England after they are fired. I think they do it on purpose to sabotage other teams and feed Intel to big daddy Bill. McDaniels is gonna open the gates and let Belichick come in and see how the sausage is made. Of course, I've been biased against NE ever since the Tuck Rule, is my hatred making me paranoid? One Nation under Al, Cameron B.

Your hatred is making you paranoid. Besides the Raiders (which were not a disaster coming off a ten-win playoff season) the others have all gone to dumpster fires like Detroit. No need to sabotage those teams, they already have sabotaged themselves.

Hi, Hondo I just now read some of your replies. Where can I read you regularly? Thanks, Hondo, Ed S Modesto, Ca.

Right here at Sports Illustrated’s Raider Maven.

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