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Wallers Journey Through Past Struggles Guide Him Now

The Las Vegas Raiders are a team in flux and are fortunate to have a man with the character of Darren Waller to help lead them out of it.

Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller has been the most reliable weapon for Derek Carr, and he believes as this team moves forward with the new play-callers, they will give the team a chance to win.

"Going forward, I believe in Oly (Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson), I believe that he gives us a chance to win. I believe that he believes in Derek (Carr) and his ability, they'rethey're gonna make things a little more simple for guys and we'rewe're gonna go out there and play and have fun," said Waller.

Waller is also the player in the locker room that knows how to fight through adversity. His past victories over struggles carry over with football.

"In times of uncertainty that has been where a lot of growth has happened for me in my life because it makes you focus on like the simplest things of whatever the process is you're you're involved in."

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Waller added, "You don't know what the ends gonna look like. You don't know how people are stepping in new roles are going to perform, but what you can't control is going forward and make sure that every step as you take all the field and drills and period and practices are where they should be the ways you interact with people to listen to them, show them some compassion, like, all those things carry over, and you can just control the things that you can control."

The Raiders will travel to the Mile High to take on the Denver Broncos in a huge divisional matchup that can move the Raiders into the division's top spot.

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