Raiders Hunter Renfrow Talks Derek Carr

Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven Hondo Carpenter recently interviewed the Las Vegas Raiders Derek Carr on Raider Nation Radio and they talked Derek Carr

There is so much that goes on behind-the-scenes of learning and successfully running Jon Gruden's offense.

From his unique perspective of attacking the ball to his complex play calling. It takes time, patience and skills to successfully run his offense.

In that process, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has done an awesome job. 

Although setting career numbers in passing yards, QBR, and passing percentage, he still does not receive enough credit for what he is accomplishing under Gruden's system.

Raider Maven's Editor and Publisher Hondo Carpenter cohosts Silver and Black Radio on Monday and Wednesday on Raider Nation Radio (LINK TO LISTEN LIVE). He recently interviewed one of Carr's most reliable weapons, Hunter Renfrow, if he agrees with what GMs around the league say about his quarterback.

"Absolutely, you said it by talking to them," Renfrow said when asked about his quarterback doing the things fans don't see every day. "Obviously, Derek is elite throwing the ball, but it's all the things you don't see. We had some injuries in the offensive line and had some new guys step up. You don't always have that cohesiveness."

Carr has had the ability to work with an offensive line that has dealt with injuries and players out due to COVID-19. Impressively he has managed to be in the top-10 in sacks allowed with 28.

Yet, Carr does not get enough credit for the little things he does on and off the field.

"You might need to get the ball out a little quicker, you might check to a play and where you can get the ball out quicker, whereas if you catch a drop-back, it might be a sack. It's Derek at the line of scrimmage, kind of processing all that, it's amazing, he's trying to process the coverage, he's trying to know what personnel he's in," added Renfrow on the preparation and control Carr takes every time he gets on the field.

Fans don't see the little things he does; all they see is him dropping back and making a throw. Not knowing that throwing a pass to Renfrow is different than throwing the ball to a speedster like Henry Ruggs III.

Carr has done things that no other quarterback might do successfully under the circumstances he has been on.

"That's why I think he's special," Renfrow said in backing up his quarterback.

Like many others on the Raiders, Renfrow sees how valuable and important Carr is to successfully run the offense. 

The little things that count, the little things that people don't see, the little things he adds to this dynamic offense, collectively, and yet he does not get enough recognition and the credit he deserves.

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