Around the World of the NFL Podcast: Episode XXVI

Each and every week, Matt Hladik from The Spun joins us for our Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven Podcast: Around the World of the NFL

Henderson, Nev.--Each week, Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven goes around the world of the NFL, talking Las Vegas Raiders and all things pro football with Matt Hladik.

In this week's episode, we take a deep dive into the pool that is Raider Nation. This sports franchise has amazing fans who span the globe, many of whom have never seen their beloved Raiders live.

On this podcast each week, we get into the topics that surround the game and the NFL as a whole, while never forgetting or taking our focus far from the Raiders. In this week's episode we discuss a myriad of NFL issues, both light and heavy in nature:

· The NFL Offseason

· How big is player movement in 2021?

· Does Deshaun Watson get traded?

· JJ Watt is gone from the Houston Texans

· The NFL QB dominoes, when will they begin to fall?

· Where will the NFL cap settle for 2021?

· How creative will teams have to be in the 2021 offseason?

· OTA’s, number of games, and NFL administrative issues will dominate the 2021 offseason

· What happens with COVID-19, and its impact on the 2021 season?

· What about the vaccine?

· Will the NFL and NFLPA agree to make the vaccine mandatory?

· Is the 2021 offseason going to be dominated by off-the-field issues?

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