How are Trades Made in the NFL? Insider Explains

Fans are locked onto their televisions, phones and laptops this time of year waiting for the next trade or move.  NFL insider Jim Mora takes you behind the scenes

Henderson, Nev.—The National Football League has become a 12-month business, with fans riveted to their seats discussing pro day numbers, the NFL Draft and potential trades.

Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven caught up with former NFL coach and insider Jim Mora to take the Silver and Black fans behind the scenes. into suites of the NFL team management to tear back the curtain and take you inside.

Today Mora discusses the art of trades and how they are laid out.

"The owner can veto a trade; it is his team, and he owns it: the GM or the head coach, whoever is the final decision maker in terms of personnel," Mora said.

But, you are not going to find an assistant coach coming up saying, 'No, we are not going to make that trade.'"

Mora went on to talk about how trades and draft picks are executed. "Very few trades are made, very few draft picks are actually made, without the organization being in alignment," Mora said.

But Mora's blunt style also acknowledges that there isn't 100 percent agreement either. His insider's look was fascinating.

"They are not always going to agree. There is never going to be complete agreement in a draft room. There are too many men in there who have strong convictions about things," Mora elaborated.

"If a position coach expresses real concern, strong concern about a trade for a player, management and the head coach are going to take that into account," Mora said. "You better be able to explain yourself if you are the assistant coach and you better be right."

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